RM Graves Fiction


RM Graves is a fiction writer and illustrator. His work has appeared in Interzone, Flash Fiction Online, Escape Pod and Bourbon Penn among other places. He is a winner of both the Writers of the Future and Blue Monday Review Ice Nine contests. He lives in London with his wife and two children.
RM Graves is a born and bred Londoner. Due to his mother reading only Asimov during her pregnancy, something she has not done before nor since, he is genetically preconfigured for speculative fiction. He started by reading Andre Norton, followed by his mother's Asimov, and moved on to Orwell and Huxley because they were banned by his Catholic school.
He finished writing his first book before he'd finished reading his first book and secretly wrote all through his schooling. Later he secretly wrote all through his architectural studies and still secretly writes despite having a family and his own illustration company and gallery.
In 2012, he joined the Online Writers Workshop to learn how to write stories that people would want to read. Now his fiction appears in Interzone, Escape Pod and Bourbon Penn, among other places.  He is a winner of both the Writers of the Future and Blue Monday Review Ice Nine contests and lives in pre­apocalyptic Camden Town with his wife and two children.

You know what? I'm not going to tell you what I think.  Screw everybody having an opinion on everything and sharing it willy-nilly. If you want to know if I've published any stories recently, you'll find links below. You need a biography? Below. Otherwise, bugger off

My Lady Malady Madlady, Bourbon Penn, Spring 2017
Black Dogs, Semi-colonic Irrigation, 2017
More Crackle Than Music, Stupefying Stories Showcase, 2017
A Long Dark Moment, Typehouse Literary Magazine, January 2017
Junction, Blue Monday Review, 5th place winner, Ice Nine Contest, March 2016
Freebot, 3rd place winner, Writers of the Future Volume 32, 2015 
One for Sorrow, Two for Joy, Circa Journal of Historic Fiction, October 2015
Albie's War, The Queens Head Literary Zine, October 2015
Tenacious Wriggler, Urban Graffiti, July 2015
Decanting George, Goldfish Grimm's Spicy Fiction Sushi, November 2014
Bullman and the Wiredling Mutha, Interzone, November 2014
Rockwork, Escape Pod, October 2014
Simulation, Flash Fiction Online, July 2014
Ever Before Me, Every Day Fiction, January 2014