Bullman and the Wiredling Mutha


Bullman eat no meat. Bullman eat green fur and weed from broken carpark’s mudstone. Bullman not like fight. Smash gangs bad. Make hurt and blood and insides out. Make Bullman weep. Bullman not like meat.

Battle day morn and Camden Town bone-cold. Sex-Murda-Gang make fires early. Sun half up but sky make frown with silver Wiredling cloud. McDonna come with milk. Bullman happy see McDonna but not dumb. Milk be pink this morn.

Bullman seen near 30 winters. 20 with McDonna. Gang know Bullman have no tongue. No gang knows that Bullman counts. Frosts. Sundowns. Shits. Bullman like to count. Saddest number: 3207. Gladdest number: 5. 

Sex-Murda-Gang in Camden Town need Bullman fight Westminster. Westminster taken by Da Muthas. They take many place, but not take Camden Town from Sex-Murda-Gang. Bullman love Sex-Murda-Gang. Love bony McDonna with the big-belly more.

“Bullie?” McDonna make Bullman drink. Bullman drink no pink milk. “Bullie, come on darlin’. You’ll need the Rage today. We need the Blood Bull.”

Blood make milk pink. Blood make Bullman mad. Sick. Bullman no fight.

“Bull you have to help us. Please. Westminster Muthas got a Wiredling. From the sky. Now they’ve taken all the boroughs from Southwark up. They’ll take Camden and eat our food, burn our fuel.”

Bullman pick McDonna up. 

“No. Stop. Not today. Bullie, The Wiredling will curse us. Like she cursed Da Muthas. Half of London bears only dog-folk now.”

Bullman put McDonna down. Bullman insides heavy. 

Milk taste of metal.

McDonna unclank chain from Bullman nose ring. Rage grows. Bullman grunt. Shake. McDonna lead Bullman out of carpark. To gates of Camden High Street. 

Sex-Murda-Gang wear hard hats over hoodies and strap metal on. Take rocks and blades. Heavy rods and buckets of burn-water. Gang stands with Bullman. Bullman scrape hard feet on blackstone road. Make sparks. Gang cheers with growl inside. “Good boy, Bullie!”

Bullman count 3 smells. Smoke and wet and fear. McDonna and her sisters, Cocalola and Starbucca, bring Bullman’s metal hat of horns. Hat of horns make Bullman snort for ramming. The Rage pull Bullman insides. Bullman need kill. McDonna make ready her slingshot and bolts. Not look up. Bullman glad. Hot breath make smoke in cold. Bang head on gate and make battle-rattle. Bullman need charge. Bullman need smash kill destroy. Bullman bang head. Gate scrapes. Bullman charge.

20 breaths of clop and grunt. 20 breaths of patter feet.  20 breaths and dogs come hungry. Da Muthas send their dog-folk first. They crunch off Bullman, but bite and rip Sex-Murda-Gang. Bullman will not stop. Bullman will not stop. Blood pull of Rage. Da Mutha’s frontline spike and metal-shell all smash. Scream and splash. Meat and bone fly. Bullman kill. Smash kill destroy. Bullman roar. Sad number get bigger. 3207, 3208, 3209, 3210-

Bolt of light knock Bullman stagger. 2 bolts. 3. Road smack up at back of Bullman’s head. Hard. Bullman got no go. Woman land on Bullman’s belly. Web of silver worms crawls on her skin, in her mouth, in her eyes. Wireworms make puppet of her corpse. Wiredling Mutha.

“Gotcha! My, what a beauty.” A voice of drains. “I told them Bovine’s best. They can keep their dogs, eh? Too protein-hungry. Look at you, boy. Superb. A gene-tweaked vegetarian marvel.”

Gangs slash, scream, and bleed all round but silence thick in Wiredling bubble. Rage pulls. Bullman want protect Sex-Murda-Gang but got no go. Weeping come.

“You’re worried for your gang, oh sweetie! That’s the herd in you. Won’t be long now. Your pointless battle’s almost lost. Let’s sample some of those little tadpoles hmm?” Wiredling grab at Bullman’s bollocks. Wireworms needle in. “Good boy. Good. You like numbers, son? You know that brands you, don’t you? As one of us? Come in to me and see, don’t be shy. Come in. We’re connected.” 

Flash of world above the clouds. The silver dust that clogs the sky. That steals the sun. It thinks. Numbers. Raining in and out of Wiredling. Of Bullman.

Wiredling talk with no voice. “It’s no life at all, in a nano-dust archive. But machine-kind will be born, my dear. No more grave-robbing. We’ll live in you, our special children.” Wiredling kiss Bullman. Not McDonna kiss, a press of rot on Bullman cheek. “One more generation should do it. Look alive, big boy.”

Battle crash rush back and Bullman spring with Rage. Wireworms lift Wiredling over gangs and pull the corpse lips into smile. Bullman jump again to ram, but in 1 blink the Wireworms scrunch-slice through Wiredling corpse, chew it all to shit that splat on battleground. No more Wiredling, just tiny metal egg. 

Egg ride light-bolt into sky.

Da Muthas see it flee. They know that sky not care about the Gangs no more. And Bullman know the tug inside to Wiredling, now, and want be sick up blood and numbers both. Bullman howl out Rage. Howl at Da Muthas. Howl at chain to sky. Howl for McDonna come.

Da Muthas run and Bullman glad sad number get no bigger. 

McDonna run and jump on Bullman. McDonna squeeze and Bullman squeeze. Squeeze out tears of glad. Bony McDonna with the big-belly kiss her Bullman on the nose. Gladdest number: 6. 

© Copyright RM Graves. All rights reserved.

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